Perks! What's all this then?
You can get Modere Perks by accumulating Modere points.
Customers accrue 1 point for every Modere dollar they spend!
You can also earn 50 points* for each product review you submit that gets published.
*1,000 points maximum per calendar year.

What Perks are in it for me?
Modere Perks points can earn you shopping credits, product deals, gifts with purchase and Product of the Month and awesome Modere Experiences. Plus, there’s more where that came from.


Create a Customer Account

Head to, look top right next to Log In, and click to create a Customer account. And you’re in. To start automatically earning points, simply start ordering Modere products. Easy. As.


Earn points

Every dollar you spend ordering Modere products earns you a point. Plus, send us a kind word reviewing our products and boom – that’s 50 points, right there.


Get Perked up!

The Perks rule is simple. The more points you earn, the more Perkaliciousness you enjoy. Even extraordinary surprises, right out of nowhere!
Points can win random monthly prizes. Just because you’re so damn awesome!

Mega-Perked Modere Experiences.

The kind of experiences that money can’t buy… but Modere Perks can. Remember, one single, solitary random Perk point can win it for you. And get this: There’s a monthly, one-of-a-kind Lifestyle Experience draw. Then, the big Perk: One Grand Modere Experience – a five night trip for two – just waiting for you.

The more points, the more Perks and the better your chances.

Here's our Modere Experiences

It's all about one for one

It's all about one for one - Earn one point for every dollar you spend and 50 points for every product you review. Start earning now.

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Get rewarded

The more points you earn, the greater your reward. There’s shopping credits, product offers, birthday gifts and more.

Voucher with purchase when obtaining level*
Voucher with $100+ order***
Birthday Gift
  • Level
    One Star
    Points 1 – 499 Gift with purchase when obtaining level* - Voucher with $100+ order - Birthday Gift -
  • Level ☆☆
    Two Star
    Points 500 – 2499 Gift with purchase when obtaining level* YES Voucher with $100+ order $5.00 Birthday Gift
  • Level ☆☆☆
    Three Star
    Points 2499 – 4999 Gift with purchase when obtaining level* YES Voucher with $100+ order $10.00 Birthday Gift
  • Level ☆☆☆☆
    Four Star
    Points 5000 + Gift with purchase when obtaining level* YES Voucher with $100+ order $15.00 Birthday Gift

Acquiring points

One point for every dollar spent – excluding postage.
*Voucher with purchase awarded once only, when Perks level reached, randomly selected and automatically added to your order.
**Limit one per Customer. Not available on SmartShip and with any other offer.
*** $100 product spend, not including shipping automatically added to your order

Frequently asked questions

You probably have questions – well, chances are you’ll find the answers right here.
  • What is Modere Perks?

    Modere Perks is a loyalty program that rewards customers of and the Modere Mobile App where you can earn points that go towards amazing experiences and exquisite items.

  • How is Modere Perks different from other programs?

    Our program is designed to be simple, experiential and immediate - three words you’re unlikely to find in any other program. We provide you with rewards you’ll actually use, and experiences you’ll remember.

  • How do I sign-up to earn Modere Perks?

    There’s no need to sign up! Simply create a customer account with Modere and you’re automatically enrolled — and as soon as you order one of our products, you’re earning points.

  • How do I earn Modere Perks points?

    Modere Perks points are earned in two major ways – purchasing and reviewing products on
    You get one point for every dollar spent (less applicable discounts and shipping) and 50* points for every published product review you create!
    *Earn a maximum of 1,000 Modere product review points per calendar year.

  • What happens to my Modere Perks points if I return merchandise?

    Any points earned on that purchase will be reversed in the unlikely event that you need to return an item(s).

  • Can I earn Modere Perks points on mobile?

    Absolutely! If you’re accessing via any mobile device or using the handy Modere App (available on Google Play and iTunes!) the Perks points are all yours.

  • What are Modere Perks?

    Please go to the Perks tab to view a full breakdown of available Perks.

  • Where can I see how many Modere Perks points I've earned?

    You’ll find information on all your point activity on the Track tab.

  • When will I receive my Modere Perks points for purchases and product reviews?

    You will receive points for your purchases automatically upon completing the checkout process. You will receive points for your product reviews, once they have been uploaded to Modere following a standard review by our regulatory affairs team.

  • How long are my Modere Perks points valid?

    Points expire 365 days from the day they were earned.

  • Where can I read the official rules?

    They are on this site, but simply click here to read the Modere Rewards Official Terms and Rules.

  • Who do I contact if I have a question about my Modere Perks?

    Please email or call 64 9 828 9015 during office hours.

  • How do I earn a Birthday Gift?

    It may be obvious, then have a birthday! However, you will need to provide Modere with your birth date in your Account Settings under ‘Account Information’ and reached over 500 points.

Download Modere Rewards Official Terms and Rules PDF

Download Modere Rewards Official Terms and Rules PDF