As hard as we work to ensure our products are cleaner and safer, we know we still need to package them up and get them to your door safely! That's why we make sure that from the bottles they are stored in, to the box they come in leaves no harmful mark on our precious earth.

Not only is the box you receive your Modere goodies in recyclable, but the fill inside is completely non-toxic, biodegradable, gluten-free potato and corn – you can throw it on your veggie garden as mulch or feed it to the chickens!


We adore all living creatures great and small and here at Modere we would never, EVER, test our range of products on any animal, for any reason.


We are energy-conscious in all of our manufacturing processes.
We are diligently working towards a carbon neutral footprint.
We are investing in renewable energy and we choose biodegradable materials. And, we are committed to sourcing our ingredients thoughtfully and ethically.


BPA is an industrial chemical used to make many plastics and is pretty nasty stuff. You don’t have to worry, Modere containers are all completely BPA and phthalate free which means no nasties are leaching into your products - better for you and better for the environment.


Greywater is the waste water that comes from your showers, washing machines and sinks. When using our laundry, kitchen and bathroom products, you can be assured that the water is free from harmful toxins and safe to use on your garden or to water your lawn.