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Laundry Powder

Sku: 14012AU/ 1Kg
The powder with super powers – cleans your clothes, protects from fading and is gentle on the environment.

  • So much goodness packed into one little box: protease enzymes, oxygen bleach and anti-greying agents for stain-fighting power. KAPOW!
  • If that’s not enough, it’s tough enough for Aussie conditions with an inbuilt sun protector.
  • Plus, the low sudsing formula is suitable for front and top loaders.
  • Our plant-derived enzymes and cleansers are free of harsh chemicals, making them gentle on your clothes and our environment.

Formulated especially for Australian conditions with a sun protection agent to reduce fading and keep your clothes looking great for longer. This ‘tough on dirt gentle on fabrics’ formula effectively takes care of your family, your clothes and the environment.